The Third Act


Transformation, second chance, new career after retirement (rewiring). Time, space, opportunity for growth & development (age 55-80+)

The Play of Life…

Act 1: Childhood and dependence.

Act 2: Development, independence, career, family.

Act 3: So called ‘retirement’, new opportunities and interests.

Are you on the cusp of major change in your life and moving from your 2nd Act into your 3rd Act?

Human Longevity has created a whole new 3rd Act in our lives, as different to our 2nd Act as that was to our 1st Act. We are living 25- 30 years longer than previous generations.

The 3rd Act in life can be one of the most exciting times of our lives. Armed with the wisdom experience brings we are less restricted by commitments and have the freedom and time to do so many of the things we would have liked to do but could never find the time for in our 2nd Act.

The Third Act is an organisation working to help people understand the implications of human longevity. The organisation runs information seminars, workshops, transition programmes and coaching as a way to assist people working through their transition.