Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching has been around now for a decade or two. When practiced well it can prove very successful in professional and personal development.

“The essence of executive coaching is helping leaders work through their dilemmas so they can transform their learning directly into results for the organization. ” (Mary Beth O’Neill-Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart)

Coaching can be a very powerful way of developing managers, ranking alongside leadership development and management skills programmes. Executive coaching is not about mentoring or instructing or making decisions on behalf of others; nor is it about teaching or imposing skills on others. Rather, Executive Coaching is about facilitating others to come to their own best decisions on behalf of themselves, their boss, their work teams and their organizations.

There are many jargon-filled definitions of coaching but perhaps just one will suffice. Coaching is “the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.” Executive coaching is essentially a results oriented partnership between the executive and the coach, with the latter facilitating the former to achieve his/her objectives in communications, team performance and producing results.